Nateva madness

I spent 4th of July weekend in Maine, at the Nateva music festival in Oxford. I had been asked to help out by my friend Nev, of  ReMarkable Blackbird, an excellent henna artist. So I took the train up to Portland, and embarked on a wild weekend. What an adventure it was!

Unfortunately, we weren’t as busy as we hoped to be. Kelly Flaherty of Henna Elements also joined us, and we expected to be slammed all weekend… which wasn’t the case. But we still had fun, and got to do some really nice work and check out a few great bands. The Flaming Lips, Parliament Funkadelic, and Ghostland Observatory were highlights!

A few photos from the weekend, all taken by Nev:

Ginkgo leaves with glitter

My work on Nev's foot, with her tattoo.

A Japanese beetle on Kelly's shoulder

Me chilling out in the booth.

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