Autumn ramblings

Thanks to everyone who booked me in September! You took a month that is usually slow to new heights of busy. Much gratitude!

October began yesterday, and it’s looking like it could be a slower month- or not! Lots of potentials, waiting to hear one thing or another before they make it to the calendar. I will be in New York the weekend of the 16th, teaching a Moroccan Master Class with Kenzi- which you should register for if you haven’t already! Info here:

I’m gearing up for a few other Autumn and early Winter events which should be pretty fun. In November, I’ll be taking a quick trip to Los Angeles to do some informal teaching. Watch this blog for more details on that, we haven’t firmed anything up yet but I will let you know as soon as we have dates and courses confirmed. Then in December is the Mass Market, which I’m in the process of applying to, so we’ll see if I get in or not. Fingers crossed!

I also just found out that I am going to be doing some work for Cairo Caravan, in June 2011. I’m going to be decorating the Luxor level, and probably also vending there. Details at

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