Moroccan Master Class in Providence!

Join Nic and Kenzi on Friday, March 25th 2011 in Providence RI for their renowned Moroccan Henna Master Class!

Registration now open!! Go to:

This 4 hour intensive class will teach you everything you need to know
about Moroccan henna, including history, techniques, designs,
folklore, and more. Kenzi and Nic have spent more than a decade
studying the henna traditions unique to Morocco and now they are
sharing their wealth of knowledge with you!

The course is divided into three sections: History, design, and practice.

The history section covers many fascinating aspects of Moroccan culture and explores the unique relationship Moroccans have with henna as an art, a medicine, a cosmetic, and a blessed and magical substance. Kenzi goes to the roots of henna’s important place in Moroccan culture and draws on her own experiences living in Morocco to present a fascinating portrait of the role henna plays in the daily lives and experiences of the Moroccan people.

The design section covers everything you need to know to de-mystify the beautiful geometric designs that are unique to Moroccan henna art. Nic covers all aspects of Moroccan design including regional styles, important motifs, and the nitty-gritty of design creation including where to start, how to create specific shapes, and how to give your Moroccan designs the most authentic look possible. Nic’s teaching method will have you creating your own authentic Moroccan style designs in no time.

The practice section includes several demonstrations by Nic and Kenzi
of design creation and Moroccan henna techniques. Then it’s time for
you to test your knowledge under the guidance of Nic and Kenzi as we
coach you through the creation of your own Moroccan style henna work.

The Providence Moroccan Henna Master Class will take place on Friday,
March 25th, from 1:00-5:00 PM, at the Hotel Providence in Providence
RI. The cost of registration is $75. There are 25 spaces in the class
and we do anticipate that the class will fill, so register now to
guarantee your spot.

This class is directly before the annual Henna Gathering, and this is a great opportunity to attend our class as a way to kick off your weekend in Providence! For those of you who have attended Moor mini-classes before, this is the first time we’re doing the full course in New England, and it promises to be an experience that will deepen and build upon your previous introductions to Moroccan henna. We have new tricks up our sleeves!

Come and learn from your Moroccan masters!

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