Big news! The first ever Henna Intensive & Retreat!

I am so excited to announce this! This September, come join us for a first-of-its-kind henna conference and retreat! The first Henna Intensive and Retreat will be held in beautiful Wrightwood CA at the Teresita Pines camp, September 13-16 2012. The event is being presented by the amazing Henna Crone (Debi Varvi), Blume Bauer of Cairo Caravan fame, and myself.

This is a whole new kind of event designed to be a total immersion in the art and craft of henna design. This is art school for henna artists in a big way. A whole weekend of master classes with Debi, myself, and a few other internationally respected instructors who will be announced soon! Our mission is to raise the standard of henna art and educate people about what we do as artists. If you are a henna artist who wants to truly take your work to the next level then this is the event for you! We will be offering classes from only the best and most well respected henna artists in our community.

The event will be all-inclusive, with the cost of attendance covering lodging, meals, and all supplies. The location is just outside of Los Angeles in the beautiful mountains of Southern California.

For more info, you can find us on Facebook here:

And though it’s not live yet, the event website is — keep checking over the weekend, we are working on getting the page up as soon as possible.

3 thoughts on “Big news! The first ever Henna Intensive & Retreat!

  1. Any idea what the price will be? It sounds like a wonderful opportunity to hang and learn from you guys but as always, money is a big factor. The sooner the cost is know, the sooner I can try to plan for it.

  2. I think we will have the price nailed down within the next week, and we’ll announce it as soon as we do. Remember that it’s all inclusive so you don’t have to factor in any extra costs for lodging and food. Also we are going to give people the option to pay in installments which will make it a little easier. I hope you can make it!

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