Jewelry in silver and stones, hand made to order.smallsc

Nic Tharpa Cartier creates jewelry of all types as a part of a long tradition of American metalworkers. Drawing inspiration from traditional jewelry of the American Southwest, North Africa, Tibet, India, and the Middle East, each piece is constructed completely by hand. Favorite stones include American turquoise, labradorite, boulder opal, Sonora sunrise, amber, and ruby.

Most jewelry is created on a custom basis, to your specifications. A large variety of stones is available to choose from, and many different types of pieces can be created. Rings, bracelets, pendants, earrings, as well as body jewelry and pieces for stretched piercings are available.

All images and designs copyright © Nic Tharpa Cartier.

tinyetsyTo shop the selection of available pieces, click here to visit Nic Tharpa Cartier on Etsy.

For information on having a piece of jewelry custom made, visit the Info page.

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